You are Not Alone

Its been a while since I have walked with TPW on a Saturday morning!  It was what I have come to expect. An eager group starting out earlier than most to quickly walk the distance followed by the 8:30 group.
It was lovely to walk through the cemetery with plowed roads, snow covered trees . We shared the roadway with other walkers, runners and Nordic pole walkers. All of us happy to be outdoors on Saturday morning with our group.
We arrived at Diane’s for the annual TPW brunch where we talk about the year ahead. We officially commit ourselves to the year ahead knowing there is a place for each and everyone of us.  Have you entered the draw for the New York Marathon?  You are not alone!  Are you interested in a half marathon in Central Park? You are not alone?  Are you interested in the races Toronto has to offer?  Women’s races in Sunnybrook Park. The Goodlife Half Marathon down Yonge Street. The Canada Running Series Races  – Race Roster in High Park, Waterfront 10K, or Scotia Waterfront Full Marathon or Half in the fall.  Many of us will do the Sporting Life as we have done since 2015.
One member of the group is returning to Chicago to do the Marathon for a second time. She is not alone in doing that as a few of us have returned to Chicago more than once. Forward planning TPW’ers are planning for January 2020 races (Disney). 
I spent sometime considering what race I want to train for and at this point I have no idea .  There is lots to choose from and I am thinking I would like to do a race I have not done before.
What about you?  Did you leave the brunch thinking “What race or races will I train for ?”    If  you did you are not alone.

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