Yet another beautiful weekend …

Yes, it’s turning out to be a good summer for weekends. But we’re really only a little over halfway through official summer, June 21st to September 21st. Although I think of summer as late May to early September – maybe I’ll start a movement to have a Daylight Savings Season, where we all turn the seasons back a month.

It started out cool at 7am Saturday morning, and some were wearing jackets. Those didn’t last too long as the temp, and we, started to warm up. That cool temperature reminded me that we’re seeing our first signs of Fall. I told a younger friend that I was volunteering at TIFF, and he said that TIFF was his signal that Fall was getting close. I replied that it was always the CNE that got me thinking of Autumn. And of course the signs are up, and the CNE starts next weekend.

But hold on, even though the mornings have been cool (almost brisk), the sun has come out this weekend and given us wonderfully warm weather. Even though we are making plans for September, let’s keep ourselves firmly grounded, some might even say well-mindful, in the summer that is here and now. Savour each day for the rest of the summer.

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