Year end musings from North Carolina

As we end our 8th year as TPW, I think of all we have done.  Many local races, half marathons, marathons. Adventurous TPW’ers races in China, France, Israel and Iceland. I’m sure I missed a country or two. It’s hard to keep up with the group.

Races are important as they can provide a reason to get out there and train.  Getting out is the goal. Whether it is a 25k training walk or breakfast with the group.  Both are important.

As we approach Christmas, Hanukkah, a time with friends and family full of kindness,generosity, gratitude, laughter, love and food.

TPW has that spirit of the holidays ALL year long

With TPW we enjoy the embrace of friends who are much like family (without the history, drama or obligation) each and every Saturday. 

Wishing my TPW family a  happy holidays and healthy, happy New Year.

Get out and walk your distance this week! 

P.S. Since Helen wrote the blog before she flew south, we thought we would add to per post!

Taking her advice 9 of us gathered in balmy +3C weather to walk in the Cemetery.  

Catherine greeted us with homemade shortbread cookies that she promised only required 1km to walk off. So off we went!.  It was a little icy underfoot so no one walked too fast, or alone. 

Along the way Danielle spotted a red-tailed hawk enjoying its holiday feast. We felt grateful to see nature being  so wild  in an urban setting.

After one lap around, some walkers ran off to do errands or prepare for the holidays. Others, proceeded to breakfast as usual, with an optional add on of ‘race kit pick-up’.  It was a busy morning, but lovely to be with our TPW family.

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