XL, XXL and Beyond

Nineteen of us gathered for the walk. We munched on Catherine‚Äôs delicious short bread cookies before doing our  warm up stretches (led by Diane). The weather was cool and gratefully without rain.
After our walk, sixteen gathered for breakfast . Per usual, our conversations were stimulating. We spoke about meeting at the Resolution Run (Palais Royale 1601 Lake Shore Blvd W, December 30th, 2018  @9 am )  and the idea of ordering race clothing  in XL, XXL sizes. Did you just gasp when reading this part? Let me explain the background to this conversation and the purpose.
For those of you who are new, we gather in January or February to renew our membership and discuss further races. It is during this time that we place clothing we do not want and have acquired at the races onto a table for exchange purposes. What ever is left over is given to charity.  The clothing consist mostly of medium sizes.
There is a member of our community who is associated with people who – because of the side effect of the medication they are required to take  – balloon up into the XL, XXL and beyond clothing size range. They are individuals who would like to race but whose financial situation forces them to spend money mostly on meeting their basic need.  
Over the years I have acquired all sorts of jackets and tops, I simply do not need any more. I have now penned on my 2019 To Do list that all clothing I acquire from 2019 races will be ordered in XL, XXL and beyond (if they have it) sizes and then I will place them on the table for exchange and charity purposes.  
So for 2019 the question is posed :   XL, XXL and beyond anyone ?

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