I love the way the humidity seeps into my body. The comfort I experience is very welcoming to me. I can walk with leisure in it for hours.

I do not like to power- walk in it. Why?

I do not like the clogged feeling my skin gets. Nor do I like scraping, yes scraping, the salt off my body. So the 7am time is just right for me.

I was very happy to join Helen and Linda at the aforementioned  time on Saturday . We went east on the waterfront and looped back. The timing was perfect. There, at 8:15am , we met up with the 8am  group and off we went west on the waterfront.

Congratulations to Mary and Sherry on their race in B.C. Their description sounded wonderous. 

After walking together for a while some of us looped back and others of us proceeded to Union Station.  Though out for a little over two and a half hours I was, for the majority of time, in my comfort zone. I neither tasted nor had to scrape the salt off my body.

The rest of the day I walked in leisure , full of comfort. My body saturated with humidity but not excessively so. All I can say is wonderful. Wonderful.

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