Wonderful Spring training weather this week!

Tuesday with TPW meant intervals. Lee lead the group in multiple 2k intervals. Some of us chose a kinder, gentler approach and did 10x400m. It was good to move quickly and test ourselves. I know intervals are a necessary part of long distance training, I just have to learn to talk less.
It felt great to be out with the “Tuesday Keeners”

Saturday meant walking from High Park. There was a group of about 10 of us,  three distances were covered on the lakeshore, with the longest distance to Coronation Park and back to the park.  Long lineups for breakfast, but well worth the wait.  As busy as it was, next Saturday will be much busier if the weather is good. Chances are the cherry blossoms will be in bloom and a parking space will be hard, if not impossible to find.  A few TPW’ers chose to walk in our winter home, Mt. Pleasant Cemetery.

A visit to Bloor West village after my walk – I ran into Rosemarie and David Ling who were handing out roses for Mother’s Day.  Of course I was given a rose.

Sunday meant racing in the Sporting Life 10k.  I saw Bev before the race and later in the last corral I saw Diane and Sue. There were others but they were moving “fast”.  I also saw Susan B who started late but quickly passed me and soon was far ahead of me. I volunteered as the sweeper/last walker escort. It is a role I recommend to everyone. You help participants finish the race. I walked with a few people, some  who were doing 10k for the first time.
I finished 10k in 2:29, time was not important.  Sharing the time with a first-time walker, whose friends told him he couldn’t do it.  Priceless

Congratulations to all who did the Sporting Life 10k!

Enjoy the week ahead. Walk the distance with determination and purpose.

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