Wintery Weekend

On Saturday when my alarm went off, I “forgotâ€? to get up and when next I woke it was 9:00! Oh, no, I thought, it’s my week to blog!  I quickly made my way though the snowy streets to the restaurant where I was thrilled to see Diane, Sue and Lynn still chatting over coffee. Whew! Here is their report on Saturday morning’s walk in Mount Pleasant.
“Five of us arrived for the usual 8:30 start, only to find the gates locked. We walked south on Yonge for a bit and then returned, at which point the gates had been opened. We went through and began the usual circuit. We found ourselves sliding a bit and therefore hugged the edge of the path where the snow was crunchier and more stable. We could not sustain our usual route because some areas were slippery, but we persevered through most of a circuit before coming to breakfast.�
After filling me in on the above details, we continued to chat in that casual yet informative way that is so delightfully typical of TPW gatherings. We discussed the fact that during the winter season we still sweat so we should continue to wear clothing that wicks moisture away from our body. It is also important not to neglect replenishing, both water and gels, even if we don’t feel as needy for it as we do in the heat. Proof of this lies in the fact that last week I tried to do an extra half-loop and had to turn back due to depletion after an unsuccessful hunt for gels in my coat pockets. It was good to be reminded of these important things and I also enjoyed my breakfast despite a momentary twinge of guilt that I had not “earned� it. Once home, I prepared my fuel belt with gels and bars for next week’s walk!
On Sunday (Phyllis reports) we started off as 8 and dwindled down to 5, depending on distances. Most went the full 24k. The cemetery started off a little snowy but between the aggressive snow plow who seemed to be aiming for us, and the sunshine, we were down to bare but wet pavement by the third circuit.

It was a gorgeous walk and kudos to the Big Sur/ Around the Bay walkers who are walking their distance, with few complaints. Shelley, Sheryl (sorry, not Liz as misreported last week) and Phyllis are along for the exercise training for the Chilly Half in less than 3 weeks.

Next week is 28k, and a few of us will be away, so please consider doing part of your walk on Sunday to keep our long distance walkers company.

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