Winter’s here!

Today (Saturday) at Mount Pleasant there was a good turnout despite the cold, and later at breakfast, we talked about the WOW training that began this week, Thursdays and/or Saturdays which several members are participating in. We’re all out there, dedicated to “walking the distance? despite the cold weather, and I thought I’d try to capture this in writing.  Here goes:
Toronto Power Walkers Rock
Tis the season. On wings the north wind blows!
Really? Oh, yes, winter’s here,
Not caring That we might not be ready.
One and all, we –
Prepare Ourselves, gleefully,
Without whining. Well, maybe not, but still –
Each in gloves and cozy socks;
Ready or not, we go the distance!
We see you, Jack Frost; And –
Laughingly accept your challenge. We offer
Keener Tuesdays, Enjoyed by the brave! Or try-
Running or yoga.  Some do Pilates. We-
Resist sleeping in; that’s not so easy
On the colder days. But we always
Come through. After all, we’re TPW! So-
Kindle up that energy.  We’re all coming through!

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