Winter wonderland

Fortunately for us, by the time Saturday arrived, the temperature had warmed up to around minus 7 which, compared to what the week had been like, was almost balmy (but not quite!). 
We were a small group in number, probably because it was snowing fairly steadily and others sensibly thought it was a perfect day to stay inside under blankets.  But a few hardy souls were out there walking, looking very colourful and cheerful in our bright jackets against the white and gray landscape.  There was no ice underfoot just soft powder snow dampening the sound of our steps. 

We made it once around with some early birds who started at 7:30 very impressively going around twice.  And speaking of birds, I swear I heard one chirping in a tree.  Possible?  I hope so.  Winter is beginning to seem very long to me and I, for one, will be very glad to see the end of this month, the coldest February on record.

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