Winter walking – the sound track…

The cemetery landscape on Saturday was dull and monochromatic with only the colours of our jackets livening up the grey. However, our hardy group of TPWs walked out in good spirits. As we started Nicole commented on the ‘swish-swish’ sound of our gear rubbing together, reminding us both of childhood snowsuits. It made me concentrate on the various sounds that are the backdrop to our weekly walks.

The swish-swish was accompanied by the shush-shush of our feet scrapping the pavement and the crunch-crunch of our steps on the occasional ice pellet. The burble of conversation from those behind us provided an undercurrent to the free-flowing conversations amongst those we were walking with. The occasional cry of ‘Car’ reminded us we weren’t alone and to keep our wits about us. By times the steady rhythm of our pace changed to a more cautious clump-clump as we navigated patches of slippery ice.

I was conscious of the changing sounds of my breathing as we sped up and slowed down. I was doing two loops for the first time in awhile and by the time we came to the last hill I was huff-huffing in a final burst of speed to get to the gate.

The final notes – the wonderful sounds of warm, interesting conversation over breakfast broken only by the silence that always accompanies the delivery of our food.  The tones of our voices ranged from serious through thoughtful to silly as the discussion moved from child pornography through the depiction of sex in mainstream movies to what each of us thought was romantic. And perhaps best of all were the regular gusts of laughter that seem to be a regular part of our get-togethers.

Spring has to be around the corner and I am already looking forward to birdsong and the rustle of leaves.

Good luck to everyone doing the Chilly Half and to Phyllis in Israel – hope you are recovered.

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