Winter, holidays and quiet times….

Sunny, a high of 6 degrees and not a speck of snow on the ground on Dec. 3 – how’s that for a miserable Canadian winter!  I know it won’t last but am really enjoying it so far.
It is a busy time of year and although I enjoy the hustle bustle I am really looking forward to the quiet times over the holidays.  Oddly enough, although our walking group has lots of hustle, and even some bustle (it’s all that hill training), it does also embrace quietude and contemplativeness. Something I treasure about the group is being able to think through all manner of things with the wise, and often hilarious, input of the gang.

So let me wish us all some moments of peace and contentment in this sometimes over-packed season.  As well as thinking of others, take the time to think about what brings you joy and fulfillment – and make time for more of those moments, including walking.

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