Winter Hibernation

Its been months since I have walked with our group. I did very little “Walk the distance” this winter. In January I stayed off my feet because my right foot was painful and I was not sure what I did or didn’t do that caused the pain. After a few weeks of walking shoes only and little activity my foot was no longer painful.  I did however get accustomed to staying in bed longer on Saturdays and avoiding the cold. I’ve been hibernating, and it comes with a cost. I expect that distances that were comfortable for me in the fall are months away from being comfortable for me now. Those lazy mornings reading in bed whenI could have been out walking were wonderful but have to end. My mind and body need the Saturday morning walks, truthfully they need Tuesday and Thursday too
I watched a movie this weekend “McFarland USA” about a cross country running team in 1987. It reminded me of our team with very strong walkers and those at the less strong and how the dynamic changes due to many factors how EVERYONE  is part of the team. The spirit of the team resonated with me as I watched the movie and thought  I need to get back out walking. A few 5K now and again does not make a power walker.
 I am no longer hibernating, I will begin walking the distance yet again.

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