Windy days and the bittersweet end of summer…

On Saturday fall arrived overnight. The cool and the wind were a bit of a surprise to the eleven Power Walkers who met at the Grenadier. We were all wearing long-sleeves for the first time in awhile – and we were glad of it.

Our walking goals ranged from a modest 13K for those doing the Toronto Island Girl Half this Saturday (hooray I was one of those) up to 35K for those doing marathons in October (hooray for those more disciplined souls).

The return walk was a battle against the wind – we decided it qualified as resistance training as we cursed every foot of the way. The end of the walk and breakfast were never so sweet. We raised our coffee and tea in salute to those still doing their distances.

Some of us are getting to the end of our training for the season but will continue to meet at High Park until the marathoners have completed theirs. This Saturday is the Island Half but those who are not participating will be meeting at the regular spot outside the Grenadier.

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