Why we do it

This Saturday was beautiful – sunny, cool, perfect waking weather.  Walking with friends has got to be the best tonic available!  We at the TPW have known this for a long time but now it’s showing up in medical studies all over the place.

Studies show:

1) 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week (you can talk but not sing) gets you a stronger heart, lower blood pressure, clearer thinking and sounder sleep.

2) Post mortem brain scans of active elderly people showed that they had more of a class of proteins associated with healthy cognition.

3) An average of 4,500 steps a day significantly lowers the risk of dying, every increase of 1,000 steps lowers the risk by 28%.  (My math skills are dubious but this seems to imply you can live forever if you walk enough each day,)

4) The kindness and empathy exhibited during these walks helps us do better mentally and physically with illness and adversity.

5) Getting outside causes stress levels to fall by 60%.

6) Walking boosts immune cells to fight off infection.

7) And the nap after the walk helps the body regulate its inflammatory response.

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