White Birds…I have no interest in your name

The sights, sounds and smells of the cemetery were definitely evident today.  
Early morning frost surrounding the tomb stones. White snowy ground surfaces had been replaced by green grasses. 
In an exceptional generous gesture, the great composer – nature – decided to add smell to this sensory symphony. 
Oh, that unmistakable smell of the earth which lingered in the upper part of the nostrils. 
Then almost as if an interlude, nature – very, very, briefly – interjected   the sense of hearing. It was the fortissimo sound of birds flying above us that caught our attention.   We looked – away from the earth – to the sky.
What were we seeing? Names of various white birds that flew in V formation were stated. No consensus was reached. We lowered our heads and again observed and smelled what the earth had presented to us. The name of the birds no longer mattered. We were back seeing and smelling the sensory symphony presented by  nature. 
 I think it is safe to say that – while walking -all of us have an interest in the symphony of senses that nature presents to us. We don’t necessarily have to have a scientific understanding or be able to identify the type of bird, grass, scientific cause of the smell that comes from the earth. It good enough to just have our senses filled to satiety. 

So white birds, not to be rude or anything, but thank you for the interlude. I have no interest in your name. 

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