Where shall we eat?

“Ourâ€? winter breakfast place closed this summer and so we had a dilemma when we returned to Mount Pleasant cemetery at the beginning of the month.   We tried an all-day breakfast restaurant nearby which had wonderful food.  But they weren’t able to accommodate us at a single table and they were so busy that one felt one had to get up and go to accommodate the waiting line-up.  We like to linger over coffee so that the “single-loopâ€? group can still spend a few minutes when the “double-loopâ€? crowd turns up.

I understand that another place was tried last week while I was away and found to be adequate but maybe not quite the thing.  This week, we think we hit the jackpot with The Jester on Yonge.  We all sat together.  Although Lynn couldn’t get a latte, she did get lovely blintzes with strawberries.  Four members of the first group got “dittosâ€? which looked a lot like the “indecisive’ of yore.  The home fries are really good and the toast is hot.  We were able to linger while Margie entertained us with tales from the fitting room until the second group turned up.  I, for one, felt at home
See you all on Tuesday evening at Harbord House at 6:30 sporting your medals!

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