What’s Up With This Weather?

Our walk in the cemetery this Saturday morning was beautiful but a little shocking. Purple scilla are already covering the lawns. Pink magnolias and almonds, as well as golden forsythia are in full flower and bright yellow daffodils are showing everywhere. This is at least a month early, probably closer to six weeks. It’s human nature to enjoy it but, my Presbyterian friends mutter, we will have to pay for this. Let’s hope not.

It’s hard to decide what to wear! Shorts seem to be rushing the season. Susan B gave them a try last weekend and decided it was still a little cool.

There were a dozen of us out for the walk. I really enjoyed walking with Sue S and Lynn. Sue had joined the Saturday crowd for a slower-paced single circuit as she and the others training for Big Sur will be walking in Hamilton’s 30 kilometre Around The Bay Race tomorrow (Sunday, March 25.) That allowed me to keep up with her and have a visit. Margie and Susan B kept going to complete a second circuit (a little over 12 kilometres). Of those who completed 6 kilometres, some hurried off to weekend activities and some adjourned for breakfast. Laurel and Carol joined us there in their “civies,? after attending to family duties. As always, good, lively conversation flowed around books, current events and individual news.

On Sunday, Lee reported from Around The Bay in Hamilton:

“It went well! We did it. Susan and Sherry set a blistering pace and I think placed very well in their class. Lee and Phillipa were about 10 minutes behind them. And the grim reaper hill wasn`t all that bad! A beautiful course and gorgeous weather.”

Next race  – Big Sur in April!

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