What’s The Difference Between Hiking and Power Walking?

On Saturday, I walked with the Toronto Power Walkers and on Sunday I hiked with the Toronto Bruce Trail club.  It occurred to me that although both of these activities require the controlled fall that is called walking (and hiking also requires the controlled fall called scrambling due to tree roots, rocks, and ice) there are some differences. 
A 12 kilometer power walk takes about 2 hours, a 12 kilometer hike can take all day, depending on how frequently you stop to look around and how long you take for lunch.  When power walking, you carry your water on a belt around your waist.  When hiking you carry it on your knapsack, along with treats, lunch, and a first aid kit.  When power walking, you wear the lightest shoes you can find.  When hiking, you wear heavy boots. 

Oh, and I cut both these activities short this weekend.  Saturday I only walked 6 kilometers because I had errands to attend to and Sunday I dropped out after 7 kilometers because I slipped twice on the ice and I can take a hint.

And from some other walkers – who walked in  the ‘Bermuda Triangle’ – 1 mile, 10k and 21.1k, over 3 days….they might add a comparison between walking and swimming, as they had to practically swim through a torrential downpour for 10k, but enjoyed awesome weather the next day,  when it counted most, the half marathon! Would you expect anything different from the Bermuda Triangle?

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