What I love most about walking with Toronto Power Walkers

It was a mighty cold morning, the wind chill was -25C, and there we were at 8:30am. James, the ‘energizer bunny’ had to coax six of us who were content to stay in my van to leave the warmth and emerge into the frigid but sunny morning. A dozen of us walked twice around the Mt Pleasant Cemetery, with a few continuing on for the last few kilometres to make up 16k on the first Cleveland training weekend. A reminder from Sherry about Cleveland hotels – book it soon or we might lose the rooms. Eight rooms are claimed of the fifteen that we have reserved.

What I loved most about walking was walking with different people at different times managing to catch up with almost everyone. Walking and talking made the time and distance fly by. It didn’t make the temperature and wind chill any warmer, but eventually the sun warmed us all.

One of the topics of discussion was Susan’s race walking training and the possibility of a clinic with Stafford Whalen. Helen and Susan will check it out. We were thinking of early April at High Park.
A few notes about the upcoming weeks:
  • February 6th – we meet at High Park. With any luck the waterfront paths will still be clear. Some of the power walkers from The Shorethings will be joining us.
  • Feb 21st – Quiltathon – contact Rorie if you can help out.
  • March 2nd – our next TPW dinner at Harbord House. We’ll ask for approximate numbers soon.
  • March 9th – first Tuesday night training (that’s our first sign of ‘spring’)
See you next Sat. at High Park! Keep walking the distance, whatever distance it may be!

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