What A Weekend!

Our plan was to meet at the ferry dock to go to the Island for the Midsummer Night’s race.   Who would have believed that there would be thousands with the same plan and more thousands who would decide that Saturday afternoon would be a great time to go to the Island?  Seven of us did manage to get on the same ferry (after watching two ferries go without us.)  The rest of the group made it before the race began so we were able to get a picture.
The race was uneventful; we all finished strongly.  Our original choice of restaurant was only serving chips so we headed to another which was out of its main menu items but did have burgers and hot dogs.  And most importantly – cold beer!  We finished our meals and realized that the line-up for ferries was still many ferries-full long. A brilliant person suggested we get a water taxi and the twelve of us filled our own boat.  Approaching the brilliantly lit city in the dark was magical and the CN Tower put on a light show just for us.  The cool night air felt wonderful rushing by my sweaty body.

Sunday we had our annual pool party in Rorie’s beautiful back yard.  There were about fifteen of us and two dogs.  The barbeque was made fabulous with special blue drinks in blue glasses, all of which matched the blue of the pool.  Floating on a pool noodle, chatting with friends, I remembered once again how lucky I am to be a member of this wonderful group. 

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