What a group we are

There is nothing like a walk with friends. While some of us dressed in shorts and others in down coats, we all appreciated the opportunity to be out in the morning air, enjoying what our fair city has to offer. Taking in the dragon boat races at the waterfront slowed some of us down but who doesn’t admire the strength and rhythm of the paddlers? We even talked about getting together a TPW team of rowers to give it a try. I am not sure that we would have all the skills demonstrated by Saturday’s rowers, but we would certainly give it a good effort.
I am particularly grateful for the fact that we can all walk at varying paces and enjoy interesting conversations with our friends as we slow down or speed up to join different groups. This week the talk was about TIFF and the celebrities who impressed us – not surprisingly, most are women.
Special congratulations to Dianne who completed a massive 2 day walk in support of a cancer charity. What a group we are!

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