What a difference a day makes !

Saturday morning I walked with our group in Mt Pleasant Cemetery, it was a beautiful warm fall day. I wore shorts as it was 16 degrees. All of the others were in long walking gear. I hate being hot so shorts were the obvious choice for me . It was really nice to so many walkers out, happy to do their distance before breakfast. I did one loop and was done. I was going to Niagara to do the half. Three races since September 25, what was I thinking? Spending time with and supporting friends! 
On Sunday I did the half with a friend who is returning to racing after 10 years. The goal we set together was for her to finish a half, upright and smiling. She did that today!  It was cool, damp and rainy(no shorts for me).
Next race for me is Robbie Burns 8k on Jan 29th. What is your next race?

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