What A Beautiful Weekend!

The TPW crew met, as usual, on this gorgeous Saturday morning.  What a relief to come in a light jacket, with no long underwear!  One brave member even wore shorts.  After one round of the cemetery, we joined Clean Toronto Together and tidied up the Belt Line. Thanks, Bev, for organizing us.  

Then, to breakfast (although some intrepid souls continued on for another loop.)  As always, breakfast included eggs and sharing life stories. 

On Sunday, I hiked the Bruce Trail on another beautiful day.  Listening to the wind sighing through the evergreens, I felt like it was a summer day.  I even finished the hike with ice cream.

Next January and February, help me remember that I need to “do two loops? even if it is brutally cold.  I can tell that I’ve lost a lot of muscle tone over the winter and it will take some time to get it back.  And when the weather is as beautiful as it was this weekend, I want to able to enjoy it without huffing and puffing!

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