Wet walking on Saturday, but now summer has arrived!

Congratulations to Sherry M for competing in the Guelph Lake Sprint 1 Triathalon on Saturday. Sherry you are an inspiration to all of us. We are all used to long distance power walking …. adding biking and an open water swim is just amazing and quite frankly awe inspiring.

A small group of determined walkers met in High Park on Saturday despite the weather forecast and rain before we met. Fiona arrived knowing that she would be enjoying the comforts of the Grenadier Restaurant. Fiona knew that outcome of walking with wet feet would be additional blisters and she chose to walk another day.

Phyllis, Rorie and Mary braved the elements and did 15K. Susan B and Helen did 21K and returned to High Park to enjoy breakfast and “free” coffee.

Carol and Sue walked their distance on Saturday as well, it was great to see them walking down Zoo Park Road to meet us .

So where were the rest of you??? Walking on Sunday or did you choose to walk in Mt Pleasant or on your own ? ( I heard that James was sleeping!!!!!) Its officially summer now and we know that we all get busy and are not able to be out each and every Saturday.

If you haven’t come out in a while, please know that you are missed and we want you to join us this week. Don’t worry about the distance. Come out and walk your distance!!!

This week is the first week of official training for the Toronto Island Women’s Half Marathon on Sept 19th. This is the second most popular race for Toronto Power Walkers (the first being the Midsummer Night “Run”) for summer and fall races.

To encourage each of us to train to our potential this summer we are continuing to meet three times a week. Tuesdays are intervals and doing them with the group helps keep us focused and ensures we walk the distance.

Thursday are usually 8-10k ‘tempo’ walks and it is a good opportunity to walk with others and also if you enjoy fresh fruit and vegetables, there is a farmers market very close by (come early, closes at 6:30pm)

You may have noticed that the Google group has pages with training tips, we hope to add to this each week with interesting articles or links to websites. If you are lookng for info on a topic…start a Google note and we’ll respond!

In this very hot week, don’t forget to drink plenty of non-alcoholic fluids when you’re training, and despite the articles in the newspaper, consume some salt (Gatorade, pretzels etc).

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