Welcome to Our New Website

It’s very exciting to be the first to post on our new communications site.  We’ll all be learning more about it on Tuesday, the 9th of July, so I won’t try to post a tutorial now.

If you missed me this week, it was because I started from my home instead of meeting you at High Park.  I intended to walk 19K and had a route that would bring me to High Park in time for breakfast with the group.   But physiology stepped in and my knees demanded that I stop at 10K.  The Biofreeze is working its magic so I’ll soon be back on track, training for a half-marathon at the end of July.

I was struck as I walked at how well our beautiful lake acts as the city’s air conditioner.  The air cooled noticeably when I crossed Lakeshore Blvd. to Coronation Park.

I’m hoping everyone has a fireworks display in their plans this weekend. My favourite is the kamuro, a dense burst of glittering silver or gold stars which leave a heavy glitter trail and shine bright in the night’s sky.  Happy Canada Day!

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