Welcome To Our Breakfast Conversations

Now let us make this very clear. Let us have no illusions or delusions or confusions about breakfast conversations held by us, the Toronto Power Walkers. Collectively, gathered around patio breakfast table, we may not make earth shattering decisions but conversations leading to various decisions are made. Power, I say, power to the breakfast conversation.

Did I just hear you asking me to give examples?  Gladly .

On Saturday there were conversations and decisions regarding who brings what to the upcoming rafting and trail hiking event which several of our members will be going to in the upper part of Canada (Nahani River). Questions such as what books should be brought (a book of astronomy was agreed upon  – a bit of confusion  regarding a book about a bear but I will say no more ) , what wine needs to be obtained, how many bottles of wine , will the trip be inclusive of various abilities etc.  were asked . Most of the questions, as we ate our breakfast, were answered by those present for breakfast.

Then there were conversations and decisions regarding who is attending the charity event this Saturday that Sue is participating in. Four of us signed up via one of the members’ e mail.

Conversations about the food occurred. It was a pleasant surprise to see how quickly we were served on the patio. Familiar catch up conversations about the well being of various TPW members and family members occurred. 

Points of mutual interest regarding what was happening on the patio were shared i.e. there was a wedding party was on the patio.   All of us stopped eating and turned hoping to see the bride.

Did I mention that all of these conversations and decisions occurred after the majority of us at the breakfast table had finished 18 K ?   No … oh my, a minor oversight. 

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