Weekend of Renewal

We are celebrating Passover, Easter and Earth Day this weekend. All of these traditions are about renewal. Many of the Toronto Power Walkers were renewing ties with family and friends over the long weekend and so, were unable to join us for the walk. Others, on discovering that it was raining, renewed their ties with their pillow. So there were 8 of us who met at Mount Pleasant Cemetery in the rain on Saturday morning.

A new member, Shelley, invited me to sit in her car while we waited for the rest of the group. I learned that she had been a runner but had suffered from shin splints and was now looking to regain that sense of well-being by starting a walking program with us. Welcome, Shelley! Susan B is recovering well from her injury and walked 6 kilometres for the first time since being stricken.

The 8 walkers soon spread out into 4 pairs according to their speed. Two of the members, nursing injuries, stopped at 6 kilometres. The rest took another half lap to complete 10. Everyone was in a bit of a hurry to get on with their weekend (and to get dry) so breakfast was a small affair.

The cemetery shows all signs of a glorious spring, soon to come. Scilla are spread across the grass like purple paint. The horse chestnut buds are huge and ready to burst. Forsythia branches are traced in yellow. There are even a few daffodils blooming in sheltered spots.

Next Sunday is the Sporting Life 10K. If you are not racing, there will be a small group of us walking in the cemetery on Saturday. It should be beautiful. If you are free on Sunday morning, you can come to the start line (near Sporting Life on Yonge Street) to cheer on our racers.

Also, we are only a few weeks away from the Pittsburgh and Goodlife marathons.  Come out and walk the distance with us.

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