Weather Ups and Downs

What a difference a week makes! Last week was so cold and icy underfoot that many walked inside at Yorkdale.  Helen and I found we were just two at Mount Pleasant.  We decided we couldn’t risk the potential ice on cemetery roads so she suggested we walk on the well-salted city sidewalks. We had a very pleasant 5k walk to Bloor and back which I appreciated because we hadn’t had many opportunities to have a long conversation.  One of my favourite things about belonging to TPW is having the time, while walking, to hear the life stories of remarkable people.
This week the weather was mild and well over a dozen people turned up to walk.  Even more joined us at breakfast.  The walk through the cemetery was pleasant, and in weather like this, with a large turnout, one finds oneself in serial conversations, as groups form and re-form according to pace.  Over breakfast even more links are made, bringing a lively diversity to topics. 

The contrast of the two Saturday mornings made me realize the joy of both a long sustained conversation, and a lively, party-like, series of conversations.  TPW has it all.

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