Weather and Iceland

“Located in the North-Atlantic ocean close by the Arctic Circle, Iceland is very much a bridge between continents. It takes approximately five hours to fly from New York to Reykjavík, …. Thanks to the Gulf Stream, Iceland enjoys a cool, temperate maritime climate, with refreshing summers and surprisingly mild temperatures in winter. Icelandic culture has been shaped by isolation and the extreme forces of nature. These conditions have created a resilient people, where family ties are close, the sense of tradition is strong, and the bond with nature is tight.?

The conversations in this week’s walk was full of weather and Iceland. The predictions of rain and thunderstorms that kept being pushed back throughout the week prompted some of us doing longer distances to move our walk to Sunday and avoid the downpour on Saturday, and still, Saturday morning it didn’t rain. In fact, the rain held off long enough so a group of us could enjoy the wonderful hospitality of Rorie and Stuart and the use of their glorious pool. 
So the so-called cold front went through Saturday afternoon with torrents of rain and thunder, bringing with it … well, only slightly cooler temperatures but no decrease in humidity. So those of us who ventured out on Sunday were still puddles at the end of the walk.
What cooled us off most, besides the breeze Phyllis wished for and received, was the talk of Iceland. The TPW contingent heads off on Wednesday – is it really that soon. Some were on their taper and some were trying to cram in some last minute distance. Of course the talk turned to what to pack. They are looking at temperatures of around 12 degrees. What a difference from Southern Ontario. Talk of bathing suits for the hot springs and fleeces and mitts and hats for outside, and how many layers to wear for the race, that talk helped keep our minds off the distance and heat we were trudging through.
Well, to all, öruggt ferðast
(safe travels in Icelandic)

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