We’re on the move!

Last Tuesday evening Sue, Laurel, Sue, Lyn, Mary and myself arrived, some of us reluctantly, at the Rosehill Reservoir for interval training. But I soon got going and as I walked, talked and laughed, it occurred to me that TPW members support each other in four very specific ways.

1) Physical Training: We began in the spring at Rosedale for interval loops, then moved to Sherwood Park for hill training, and now we are at Rosehill. On Saturdays we moved from Mount Pleasant to High Park and the Lakeshore, which enables longer distances. Lee is returning for another series of WOW training exercises. It is both exciting and motivational to try out these different venues. My body says, “Hey! You’re waking me up. Stop that!? Just kidding. But maybe not. New ventures can create physical angst but are also healthful for both body and spirit.

2) Something for Everyone: Members register individually for specific walks to support causes close to their heart. We also promote key marathons as a group, encouraging everyone to attend. Some of us participated in the Pittsburgh relay this summer. Several of our members have registered for Big Sur next spring. For those who have not we will continue our walks at Mount Pleasant. TPW truly offers something for everyone! No one is left behind or left out.

3) Social Fun: We love eating. Boy, do we love eating. Each walk is followed by a meal replete with lots of laughs and fun. Carol hosted the annual membership meeting, which included a delicious brunch. Rorie invited all toa pool party and some will be joining Phyllis for raspberry picking at her house! We hold our meetings at Harbord House – another great opportunity to have a meal. Show us food and we are there!

4) Encouragement: On two occasions when I was not able to attend a Saturday walk, someone volunteered to walk with me on Sunday instead. When we walk together we make sure everyone is ok. If someone takes a bit longer we are waiting for them at the end to congratulate and cheer. And there is always, always, concern for those who are injured and much well wishing for their quick and speedy recovery.

So this is what I enjoy so much about Toronto Power Walkers. Athletically, socially, and empathetically – we are there for each other all the time and in so many ways!

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