We are such an accommodating and flexible bunch!

Some time ago I suggested breakfast at Sunnyside. Great idea, except one person couldn’t make. No problem. We postponed it to… whenever she can make it.

This Saturday’s outing was was just as accommodating and flexible. Because we are a large group someone usually pre-plans the route, but, because of our flexible nature, anything and everything could be adjusted to fit everyone’s needs.

Fourteen of us started from High Park. Someone did not want to do the zoo route, no problem, we accommodated and adjusted. Once by Lake Shore, some preferred going east some preferred going west. Some wanted to walk fast, others not. Some wanted to walk 10k others 15k. No problem.

Everyone was accommodated. Everyone had someone to talk to (and walk with) at the various chosen paces and distances. Everyone’s needs were met and we all managed to meet back in High Park at about the same time. This made for a happy bunch as was evidenced by the laughter at breakfast.

So, when are we eating at Sunnyside?

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