WE and the Season

In the same spot that Rorie had several weeks ago, shown the beautiful quilts -Mary, Lynn, Linda, Barb, Rorie, Sue , Klara, Phyllis, Fiona, Ela, Laurel, Carole, Lee, Susan, Dianne , Debbie and myself gathered.

It was cold enough that streams of white air left our nostrils and mouth as we walked around the cemetery. By the time most of us gathered for breakfast we had covered a wide range of topics. Our conversations fell into categories of work, family, outings and food.

The conversations to forward everyone are as follows :
1. Barb let it be known that she is still welcoming replies regarding who will be attending on the 19th
2. Helen and Shirley were unable to attend our walk because they did the Santa Jingle 5K in Burlington Saturday morning with 2,400 others. Helen dressed as Santa and they had a wonderful time enjoying the bright sunshine. They met Helen and Barbara B from Shorethings, who had a good group out for the race
3. Rosemarie and David are away and say a big hello
4. There is a fantastic e mail sent out recently regarding how to maintain our health (stuff you know but during this season of busyness need reminding–definite read).

What struck me (while we were having breakfast) is that regardless of all the to-dos and tasks we have assigned ourselves, a total of 17 people showed up for the walk and quite a few people stayed for breakfast. It also seemed to me that quite a few of us really did not want breakfast to end and this got me thinking.

My thought (again during our breakfast gathering ) is that somehow, somewhere the WE (my personal opinion) of those of us who walk the distance have formed a space where the individuals Is can just rest. Rest away from all the self imposed dos and tasks we have assigned ourselves and also all those that others expect of us. In a strange way the rest also involves walking. I do not believe I am alone in waking up Saturday morning and looking forward to moving these hips and legs with the WE in a group activity called walking. That I look forward to eating and speaking with mostly like minded people does not surprise me. There definitely, in my mind, is something to be said about the WE.

I have recently taken up swimming and weight lifting with various gym machines . The WE is not present in these activities. I engage in the activities to complete the Goofy in 2011 knowing that with the body I have, I would only be able to complete the marathon; not a half marathon followed by a full one the next day. Other than swimming in waters that are about the same temperature as the waters surrounding Panama, I would say I simply go out of duty to accomplish something I want in the future. It is a bland experience without the WE.

So in the busyness of this season the WE continue to gather, continue to move our hips, legs (and arms) together, continue to share our stories, as well as individually rest in the WE. How fortunate WE are to discover all of these wonders, the wonders accessible for those of us who walk the distance.

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