Walking Within the Arms of Nature

Last week I had  returned from a walk on a walk/ bicycle  pathway  that  stretched east and  west alongside  the  dirt  road  my  mother’s house  sits  by. Ticks are common in that neighborhood so no walk in the woods for me.

While there I listened to the sound of frogs croaking. They seem especially loud at that time of year. My  mother  told  me that in her neighborhood many of the people living there  believed  that the loud croaking  sound meant  that there  would  be no more frost.

My lungs, that weekend, were refreshed by the cleanliness of the air. My eyes, that weekend, feasted on the various growth that peeked up through the ground.

Last weekend I was in the country that stretched out as far as the eyes could see. This weekend, in the city, I walked with several Toronto Power Walkers in what appeared to me to be a small country- like piece of land. Yes a cemetery but one in which the air felt fresh. My eyes feasted on the various growth that had flowered and I am happy to report that no frost was seen.

How fortunate we are that we have these small country-like pieces of land in the city. How fortunate we are that we can walk within the arms of nature.   

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