Walking with Mother….

       Before the hills and before the rain!

One of the side benefits of walking is that I have developed a far more intimate relationship with Mother Nature. We walk in all weather and this week saw some powerful displays of just what Ma N can do. After completing 10 hills in Tuesday’s sweltering heat, the group was heading toward a much deserved pizza and beer, when the skies cracked open and the rain poured down. We took shelter on a kind person’s porch and watched as the rain increased in power and density. Then a cold (yes cold) wind whipped around out of nowhere. Linda told us about ‘occluded fronts’ (we are fortunate to always have someone in the group who knows something about most things – what a gang!). We had just started to shiver when it began to ease up, the warm air returned, the clouds past, the sun came out again and off we went as if it had never happened.

On Saturday, the relentless sun shone as we sweated our way through anywhere from 10-24K. Sue and I, who have been resisting the 7am start, were darned glad we had bitten the bullet and joined the early group because we were drenched by the time we finished at 10ish. We loved seeing everyone setting up for Caribbana (ooops, the Caribbean Festival formally know as) and would have really liked to stop and sample the food but persevered and earned our breakfasts. It was even hotter and more humid by the time we left and I hoped the parade participants would follow our example and drink lots of water.

Today the humidity has eased and it promises to be a beautiful day. I fancy I hear Mother calling to come on outside and play. Let’s hope she is as kind to us tomorrow when we are doing our hills – only 8 of them, hooray.

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