Walking with All 5 Senses

Sensory:  ‘of or relating to sensation or the physical senses’
In celebration of the New Year, I want to write about the sensory experience of walking (I was thinking of using the word ‘sensual’ – a lovely word but it has other associations).

The sights we mention often. At this time of year, our colourful jackets flash like flowers against the monotone of browns and greys that make up the landscape of the snowless cemetery. The dark brown bones of bare trees jut into the slate sky and our black asphalt path winds through rusty carpets of dead leaves.

Our sound track is the warm burble of our shared conversation and laughter rising above the steady rhythm of our footsteps. The smells are subtle – I imagine I can sense snow on the chilly breeze.  At breakfast  there is the wonderful aroma of bacon mixed with the smell of clean sweat (probably my own).  Breakfast, earned through exertion,  tastes better than most any other meal.

Finally there is ‘touch’ which I am going to interpret as both physical and emotional. I enjoy the silky feeling of my technical shirt, the companionable bump of arms with my walking buddies, the solid strike of my foot on the ground, and, most importantly, the quiet joy of belonging, of friendship, indeed, of love for a group of diverse, wonderful people.

Happy New Year TPWs – wishing us all a great 2015 with a special ‘go walkers’ to the Bermuda gang.

And remember the social on Jan. 24th at Diane’s. Bring any technical gear you may want to pass along or exchange. 

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