Walking through an impressionist landscape…

Five of us headed east, entranced by the hazy fog that rested on the lake.  Ghost-like trees and masts of sailing boats emerged as we walked and talked. It was the best kind of communion with nature. 
And Mother N rewarded us with sightings of a gorgeous white heron, posed still as a statue, ready to strike should an unwary fish swim by and a preening swan, surrounded by errant down plucked out and floating in a wreath around her.

 Coming back through the market, we talked about how much we enjoyed our earlier picnic there and decided we needed to do it again.

So, with my social convener hat on, I hereby decree September 29th as our next Humber Bay Shores Farmer Market  ‘stop, shop and eat’ day (the power is going to my head!). I looked it up (who knew it had an official name, eh?) and it is open until Oct. 6.

It is also time to think about our social in November and would suggest the week of the 19th if that works for the majority.

Happy Labour Day all.

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