Walking the Distance

I started out this year with big plans to walk 150 km a month in celebration of Canada’s 150 birthday. My training walks in January exceeded 150 km.  February was a lovely 77.21k. Well below the target 150k.  It was that kind of month. I’m just not getting out the door when I should.  
I wear a Garmin to track my walking activity and also just my daily steps well. My inactivity in February resulted in being moved from my 65k a week challenge group to 35k a week, where until Saturday I was 8th out of 10 in steps.   All I can say is thank goodness I walked early Saturday and moved my place to 3rd in the group.  This is a small comfort though.  I used to be in the 80k challenge group and often in the top 3. 
Another challenge is the walk ‘2017 in 2017’.  Very happy to say the group I am a part of is doing well and are on track to meet our goal.  There is comfort in knowing I don’t have to do it all, my teammates lighten the load. I am very impressed with a certain TPW member who chose to do the full 2017 miles in 2017.  Good luck to all TPW’ers who have taken on this challenge. It will be fun to learn about various teams as move through the year.
With all this technology driving the walking goals and how I feel about my effort, I think I might just go for a walk and leave the Garmin at home.  I did the Marine Corps Marathon without devices in 2005. Why not now?
Speaking of races, have you decided on a race for this year?  TPW has a large contingent at the Sporting Life 10k on May 14th.  It’s a great way to do a 10k. Walking down Yonge Street is a pleasure most of us return to year after year.
If you want to try a shorter distance race, there is a 5k or 8k race in High Park on April 8th. It’s a Saturday race with a mid-morning start – 10am for the 8k and 11;15am for 5k .
Of course we can walk without the races but it’s wonderful to have a race medal to wear proudly at our end of year gathering.

Have a wonderful week walking your distance.

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