Walking the Distance everywhere ………

  • Lorna completed her first 22K in Mississauga. Congratulations Lorna – you are well prepared for your first Half Marathon.
  • Some of us including Ela, Mary, Lee and Rorie walked in High Park on Saturday …yes, the conditions were less than perfect, but they were out as planned.
  • Others chose to walk Sunday: Carol, Diane, Laurel, Barb C and Margaret walked in Mt Pleasant cemetery. I am sure it was as nice as it was in January.
  • Barbara DL and Sherry trained in Sunnybrook park covering much of the Toronto Women’s Half Marathon route. Barbara commented on the narrow paths in some areas…. good to know given many of us are doing the May 31st race.
  • Phyllis combined training in Kingston with visiting her daughter.
  • Sue did cross training in Picton.

Shirley and I were in Cleveland to do the Half and Full. It was a great race. Very well organized and supported. Definitely recommended as a future race for our group to consider (you should see the cool medal, with a spinning guitar).

We both had a great race and we wore our TPW hats proudly. I wore my TPW shirt and have to say I checked my walking technique a few times knowing I was representing our group. Very happy to say that Canadian Women marathon walkers all placed in their divisions. Check it out.

For those not mentioned above let us know how you trained on the holiday week-end.

Linda is well prepared and ready to enjoy the Ottawa Half Marathon on Sunday May 24th. Go to Ottawa knowing that you trained well and experience the reward of winter/spring training. We look forward to hearing all about your race when you return and seeing your medal.

Many of us were out for intervals on Tuesday night…. I understand that Ela had everyone working hard on the 5th 1K interval – in 6:58!!!! Well done!!!

Try to come out on Thursday nights. There is a wonderful local market that is behind the community centre from 3-7pm every Thursday. For directions see the sidebar.

Most of the group is now tapering for the Toronto Women’s Half, enjoy your 13K on Saturday.

If you haven’t been out walking with us lately, come out Saturday and walk your distance.

Mark June 2 your calendars if you have not done so already. We are meeting for a celebratory evening of dinner and socializing at the Harbord House. An evening to reflect on the past 6 months of training and races and to look ahead to the next 6 months. We also have a guest speaker.

No interval training that evening!!! I know, I know it’s our routine and we love it but just for one night….


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