Walking the Distance and a State of Restfulness

I recall decades ago travelling by train between Brockville and Montreal and experiencing a restfulness not related to silence. The train was full of young people; loud young people around the same age as I was at that time. It lacked the tranquility of an environment that even I as a young person associated with restfulness yet restfulness is what I was experiencing. In hindsight, I am of the opinion that this experience of being at rest had to do with the betwixt space of time I was in.

Somewhere walking or chatting with Klara, Deborah, Diane, Fiona, Helen, Lee, Linda, Phyllis, Rorie, Sue and Susan E., I am not sure exactly where, I was revisited by the experience I had on the train so many years ago. Like the train being between Brockville and Montreal, the walk I was in, was during a space of time between home and a visit with a family member. Like the train being full of loud chatting people, we were chatting loudly. In this world of frantic deadlines, various constructed realities formed to achieve hidden agendas, global warming and all other such controversies I was, for a period of time, walking in a state of restfulness with like-minded health conscious ( mostly) middle age women. Like the train of those days(before cell phones, blackberries and all other such technologies) only the chattering of people speaking to physically present people was heard.

Could walking now in my life, at the ripe old age of 56, with it’s betwixt space of time be my new state of restfulness? Walking the distance and resting. The two states would never have been compatible to me before. Silence and the tranquility it produces has for me, been associated with rest. The association of walking distances and rest is definitely new. It has a pluralistic feel to it as though stepping from one reality to another.

This Saturday (April 17th 2010 at 8 am) starts the beginning of us meeting at High Park. Maybe all of those hills at High Park and the 20 K plus distances will throw me back into the previous reality of walking being a means of staying healthy. Maybe I will look back at this experience and acknowledge that it was simply a recollection of an experience I had in my youth. Maybe, but, somehow I doubt it.

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