Walking the Distance

In looking at old blog posts I notice that we always talk about the weather. Blistering hot in the summer, violent thunderstorms, below zero temperature even before you factor in the wind in the winter etc… Weather definitely influences our walking experience, since we are at its mercy for many hours.
Another factor that influences our walking is our mind. This Saturday morning I was ‘raring to go’, while last weekend I could barely drag myself around the cemetery twice. I’m not sure what specifically got me ‘psyched up’ for the walk, but in addition to the usual bedtime prep (selecting my clothing in advance so I wouldn’t bother my sleeping husband in the early morning), I also charged my ipod shuffle and my Garmin. In the summer when we go even longer distances and get up even earlier, I even prep my water bottle and walking snacks.
Food also is a factor that influences your walking. Eat a healthy dinner on Friday night with protein like chicken or beef with some fresh vegetables.  Skip the unhealthy items like fries, high calorie desserts etc. What to eat for breakfast is a personal choice.  I know some cannot eat much before they go walking, I personally can barely get out the door without a bowl of oatmeal, with fresh fruit on top. Of course when you are walking for any distance that takes an hour or more you need to refuel.  Training walks are a good time to try out the myriad of fuel choices – gels, “gummies?, sport beans, bars, as well as various liquid refreshments.  The most important point is to find an assortment of fuels that work for you. Perhaps at one of our gatherings this year, we’ll find a sports nutritionist, who can come and talk to us about how to eat.  We can do some taste testing of the various products out there too.
We were fourteen out there walking and after awhile we were all spread out, walking the distance in our own way.  As usual, most of the walkers met up for breakfast at the usual spot south of St Clair. I know it seems hard to get motivated in February for a race in May, so just enjoy getting out in the fresh air, walking with your friends, at a more than strolling pace!
Please officially RSVP to say that you’re coming on March 2nd (tpw@rogers.com). We hope to see everyone there and officially ‘kick-off’ the new walking year.

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