Walking safely…

Recently we have had a spate of accidents and health scares ‘whilst walking’. So, although I think walking is one of the best and safest forms of exercise, I thought I would write about some simple precautions we can take just in case  things go wrong.
On regular group walks:
  • ·         Carry some form of ID that provides your name and an emergency contact name and number
  • ·         Carry a charged cell phone
  • ·         Make sure you have the cell phone numbers of others in the group
  • ·         Try and walk with someone else whenever possible

During races (thank you Barb for your tips):
  • ·         Doubly important to carry that phone
  • ·         Make sure you have the cell numbers of other TPW participants, particularly at least one person who can serve as your ‘local emergency contact’
  • ·         Arrange to meet or connect by text/phone at the end of a race
  • ·         Carry your health card (or at least have the number written down)
  • ·         Consider compiling a list of all TPWs in the race with their bib numbers and giving the list to all participants

We don’t want to wrap ourselves in cotton batten but better safe than sorry!

And don’t forget that next week we are going back to the cemetery and then to Barb’s at 10 to talk about how to spend our training dollars and enjoy some refreshments.

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