Walking on The Island.

What a glorious morning it was to walk the Toronto Islands as a change-up to our routine!  Fourteen of us met at the ferry docks at 7:45 to enjoy the scenic ride from Bay Street to Hanlon’s Point to Ward Island.  
Resourceful Phyllis brought us maps, including detail of Ward’s Island that allowed us to suss out the B and B options available as we walked by.  The loop of the islands from the Ward ferry to Hanlon’s Point and back is about 12 kilometres.  A side trip through Algonquin Island added a kilometre for those training for the KW Walking Classic.  A few stalwart souls added another 4 kilometre loop to train for the Scotia or Washington.
We sprawled on the lawn outside The Rectory, waiting for it to open at 11, and compared stretches we’d learned in Pilates and yoga classes.  Brunch (or lunch? -there was some discussion) was delicious and served promptly.  Many of us opted for the frittata, although there was considerable interest in the mole steak.  We thought it would be pretty small although a laudable attempt to serve local food.
Hats off to the group heading to the north to raft the Nahanni River next weekend!  We can’t wait to hear all about your adventures.

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