Walking, not walking, meditation and girls…

I’m not sure I have ever written the TPW blog about something other than walking so today may be a first.

This morning, instead of joining the gang at the cemetery, I went with some friends to a half day workshop session that focused on women’s wellness – mind and body. There were four speakers who covered a range of topic – meditation, nutrition, healthy hair and, lastly, the non-profit Because I am a Girl campaign run by Plan (used to be Foster Parents Plan).

The most compelling session was the one on meditation which was defined (I am paraphrasing) as being mindful, in the moment and without judgment. It was rather pleasant being in a room full of still women, breathing in and out to the soothing voice of the speaker.

Now, even though the session wasn’t about walking, it made me think of walking. Several of us have spoken about how walking is very conducive to just that state of being and, indeed, is its own kind of meditation (when we aren’t chatting that is).

Two other speakers focused on nutrition and the many chemical additives that seem to be in everything. A bit scary and I know I can’t follow all the advice but made me think more about what I eat and rub on my body. Apparently anything you put on your skin is in your bloodstream within 15 minutes – hmmmm. I will definitely be looking more closely at labels and try to avoid anything that ends in ‘paraben’ or is an unnatural yellow/orange colour.

Back to walking, a lot of the ‘what to eat’ advise was the same as we preach at TPW – eat lots of those green veggies (broccoli sprouts are very good for you) and fruit. Avoid most of things you crave (sigh, I know chips wouldn’t be on the ‘good for you’ list – I am not even going to look at those additives!).

The last speaker talked about the Because I am a Girl campaign (http://becauseiamagirl.ca/). I had heard about it but never so comprehensively and persuasively presented. Apparently the campaign started in Canada and is heavily supported here.  I was moved by the speaker and would like to suggest it might be one of the charities we support if/when we do another TPW ‘good works’ event.

So it seems that, at the end of the day, everything relates back to walking.  

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