Walking is Poetry

What I enjoy about writing in the blog , besides the actual sharing of information, is the various written styles  I get to experiment and experience. Maybe I am a closet writer. Thought I would try a poem this time . So here we go………….

Invitation To Walk The Distance Together 

On this day 14 came together 
The sun initially friendly became intense
All of us appeared to understand the condition of the weather
Those sun screened lathered bodies were the evidence
Those who walked west to the lighthouse were the first to return 
Of the 3 who went east one later went west with the pace of burn, burn burn
The highlights, besides our wonderful company, had to do
With observing a fish large enough for a week’s worth of stew
A very serene quiet walk in a nature trail
Which led us to slow down but not to the pace of a snail
Finally there was the Red Hat Society with those glorious hats
Smiling and laughing outside the patio where we sat
So whether walking on frozen walkways or under the blistering sun 
We will be out there in all  kinds of seasonal weather
If you see us observing, walking and having fun 
Then consider this an  invitation for us  to Walk The Distance together 

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