Walking is good for your body and soul

Walking on Saturday was good for my body and soul.  Walking into the park Saturday morning I noticed hubs of activity, There were walkers, runners, people strolling. There were games of tennis, ball hockey and baseball in progress or players arriving.  All this to see and I am only 500m into the park.
Another 500m and I am at the restaurant parking lot and see our group, chatting and laughing, waiting to begin our walk.  We walked west.  It was a lovely walk around the park, up dog park hill (it will get easier) and down to the lake.  I walked with Barb at the back of our group and we had a good conversation about selling homes and buying a new home, house or condo. The many decisions to be made and the excitement of possibilities.
I think that walking brings excitement when deciding what race you want to train for.  This time of year is when many of us choose a race to do. Training for a fall race allows for a relaxed start to the year and yet time to complete a full training plan.
It will be interesting over the next month or so when we disclose what race we have chosen.  I think we have a group of about 10 committed to do the Collingwood half in October while another 4 are doing a half in Luberon, France the same weekend.  Once your race  is decided there are other considerations. Are you training for a personal best? Do you want to complete the distance within a certain time limit?  Are you doing it for the experience of another race or a new distance?  Whatever the reason it is good to give it some thought. With power walking your focus may change a few times during the 16 week training plan.  The good thing for us there are many goals to choose. 

Getting to the start line well trained is mine!

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