Walking in the Rain

There was a group of about 12 of us walking last Saturday in Mt Pleasant. It was was damp and rainy but we persevered. It was nice to see Fiona and Klara out walking as they have been doing some of their training in the PATH. Susan B was training with the race walkers in High Park and is learning a lot . Laurel is training with WOW . Phyllis and Rorie walked Sunday and had much better weather. It would have been nice to have had Rorie’s “NORAINCOAT” on Saturday to save us from the rain.

Tuesday evening at the Harbord House was the first social gathering of the year . Charlotte Brookes spoke to the group about volunteer opportunities at Canada Running Series. We’ll digest the information and poll the members about volunteering options.

Many of the group shared their cross training experiences this winter. Activities included spinning, ice skating, hiking the Bruce trail, snowshoeing, muscle conditioning, weights, yoga and swimming and working out with a personal trainer . Oh, let’s not forget the ‘kettlebell’. A few members do two or three of the cross training activities a week. That’s commitment to fitness and a great example to all of us. We are an active group!

Training this first Saturday of March is in High Park at 8:30am. Midweek training begins Tuesday March 9th 6:30pm at the Firkin at Rowanwood and Yonge (on Yonge north of the Rosedale subway station).

On March 20th, those that are interested in learning about racewalking with Stafford Whalen, meet at High Park at 9am. Please RSVP to our mailbox, tpw@rogers.com.

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