Walking in creation

This week, I recognized that I’ve allowed my busy life to take away the time for walking.  During the months of covid lockdown I planned a walk every day, in all weathers.  I had the time and I needed to get out of the house.  These were times of consciously being in my body and staying aware of the world around me, especially as it was often more empty of people.  I was touched by creation, earth and sky.

As things opened up, I started planning my walks to do errands or to meet people.  I was still getting the exercise but my mind was focussed on what I would be doing next and how I could fit in a few more tasks on the walk.  I’d lost the idea of walking for itself.  Last week I realized that my walks had become shorter and that I was simply fitting them in where I could (except for Saturdays, of course.)  It struck me that I’d lost the actual joy of the walk itself.

So last week I went back to planning time for walks with no purpose.  Except for joy!  It’s great!

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