Walking by ear…

The unrelenting beeping of the alarm awakens me. The cat’s morning pat purr welcomes me to the day. The subway’s clanka-clanka, swoosh-swoosh, beap-bop-beap gets me to where I need to go.  The group’s cheerful banter  greets me at the cemetery.

The walk itself is a symphony of sounds – the subtle hush-scrape of our shoes, the rise and fall of voices, the muted backdrop of cars and city, bird tweets and the scrabble of squirrels in dry leaves  in the occasional silences.  And always, laughter, alternating with the hush of conversation on life’s more serious side.

And, if walking is a symphony, breakfast is pure jazz – by times loud and raucous and then soft and sweet.

At home writing this, with just the sound of my computer keys clacking, I wish I were musical so I could compose a song that celebrates the group and what it means to me.

On another note: we have all been talking about how to best exchange info of common interest (e.g. recommendations on everything from books to plumbers).  Until we solve the ‘how’ (Barb is exploring a solution), I thought I would at least  start small by including the ‘best book recommended at breakfast’. This morning it was The Break (Katherena Vermette, House of Anansi). Enjoy.

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