Walking between the rain storms

The 7am walkers ready for stormy Toronto

Susan along the Lakeshore just 2 hours later

Breakfast at Sunnyside
Early on Saturday morning I knew, even before I was fully awake, that it was pouring rain. Normally I’d stay in bed under such conditions, but this was the day we had decided, after a year or two of thinking about it, to park at the Lakeshore and have breakfast at the Sunnyside restaurant by the lake after our walk. Not wanting to miss out, I dressed and drove over, hoping for the best. By the time I arrived the rain had stopped and there was even a bit of blue sky peeking through the gray. As I gathered my gear, the rest of the group appeared. We were ready to go!
We walked east, and then back, under grey and blue, and dry, skies. Gone was the haze of heavy heat that we’ve been under for a week or two. Instead of soft and insubstantial, the horizon was clearly outlined; sky on top and water below, with a sailboat in between. On one leg of our journey back we came across colourful dragon boats rocking gently in the water, ready for their race. On our right their owners busily and efficiently built white day-tents for supplies and sorted out paddles.  Sailboats were white, grass was green, all colour were amplified with sharp clarity.  It was a feast for our eyes. And other senses were alive as well. We inhaled deeply of the fresh clear air and enjoyed the sounds of children at play as we passed the playground.
We arrived at Sunnyside for breakfast, securing chairs on the lakeside patio, and continued to admire the view of water and sky and to enjoy the coolness of the morning. At one point the wind became mischievous and  whipped a table umbrella down to the ground where it rolled a bit before a staff member caught it. As we finished eating the skies began to darken again and we moved quickly toward our cars, each on individual missions for the day..
As I write this at 1:00 p.m on Saturday, it has been raining for an hour. It is as though were given a specific window of time to complete our walk and breakfast, a favour from the gods of fate, or the spirits of the land, or it could be simply random. Whatever or whoever, we stayed dry and cool, and finished just in time. It’s nice to know that sometimes things just work out exactly as they should!

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