Walking as Therapy…

I have written before about the therapeutic benefits of walking but, having emerged from a particularly stressful month, I want to do so again. Throughout my ‘menses horribilis’, I found that the routine and process of going out with the group helped ground me and take me out of my fog of worry. Being able to share with my gang, some of whom were going through their own trials, kept my own situation in perspective and eased the burden. And, at the end of the day, me and mine came through our troubles and are on the mend.

On Saturday we walkers deviated from our usual routine and started at the Corus building. There were only three of us in the 8am group (and apparently 6 walkers in the 7am group) and, having forgotten our map (sorry Phyllis) we walked east along the waterfront and back, remembering when we used to head that way regularly as part of marathon training. Much has changed (most of it for the better) with some exciting new buildings under construction. It is in the process of going from a wasteland to a community.

We lost Dianne and Sherry along the way
The shortbread bakery on Queen St. gives out advice!

We all met up at the Distillery District for breakfast, exclaiming about the beauty of the day and enjoying, as always, our hard earned food (except for those oddly coloured ‘tater tots’). 


I felt positively good for the first time in a while. Thank you TPW – you guys are the best medicine ever!

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